Garden Super Grower

Advanced Magnetic System
Greater, Healthy Yields of
Flowers, Plants & Vegetables
With Less Water

Naturally Enhanced Growth with Energized Structured Water

• Normal 100% to 300% increased yields in
   Flowers, Plants and Vegetables.
• Fruits & Vegetables Tasty & Nutritionally
   Perfect. Shelf life increased.
• All Flowers, Lawns, Plants & Vegetables
   Genetically Healthy
• Save Water - Less Water Needed as Soil
   Maintains Moisture Longer
• No tools required. Guaranteed with Lifetime
   Power Warranty

Beautiful, Healthy & Large Yields
Flowers, Plants, Fruits & Vegetables

Enjoy the Increased Yield of Your Garden

The Garden Super Grower has evolved from the original powerful monopolar breakthrough design which provides fully Energized Structured Water which penetrates the soil much better keeping it moist much longer helping save water.

The energy value of the structured water increases the transfer and plant uptake of minerals and nutrients providing rapid growth and genetically healthy plants; testing has shown Energized Structured Water helps heal unhealthy plants.

Garden Super Grower Straps on in a minute

Super Grower

Note: Good for up to 30 feet of hose, after 30 feet you will need an additional unit to ensure increased yields. It's lightweight and can be attached at the end of the hose.

EnviroMagnetics Crop Energizer
Irrigation Systems

Commercial Farming Lawn Sprinklers
Golf Courses

• Greater Yields & Profits

• Reduced Operating Costs

• Reduced Water Requirements

• Reduced Maintenance Costs

• 250% increased alfalfa harvest, 42% reduced
   water usage (7 watering sets instead of 12)
   wheel line irrigation

• 200% increase in cotton lint per acre - wheel
   line irrigation

• 600% increase in size and harvest of
   commercial onions - wheel line irrigation

• 300% increase in lemons per tree - drip

• 100% increase wheat harvest with flood

EnviroMagnetics makes a full line of Crop Energizers

To get an estimate for a Commercial Crop Energizer System for:
Any commercial irrigator system (drip, flood, wheel line, etc.), green house, golf course or any other commercial system, please contact or call 215-862-6777 .

ISO/TS16949, ISO 9001:2008, Permanent ceramic/rare earth alloys,
1.5 – 42 MGOe, PolyVinyl/Delrin® Molding

World’s Most Powerful Systems

EnviroMagnetics Money-Back Guarantee Limited Lifetime Power Warranty


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