Gasoline Super Saver System 
for Cars & Trucks 2006 and Older

20% Guaranteed Savings

5th tank is Free!
Give your car hybrid economy!

Save Money • More Power • Smoother Running • Reduced Emissions
EnviroMagnetics Gasoline Super Saver saves you money by increasing combustion efficiency which uses less fuel to produce the same amount of energy. Based on tens of thousands of systems working worldwide, the GSS is the latest design in engineering for today's technically sophisticated engines.. (technical report)

The GSS is not a primitive, single fuel line magnet, but a System Technology that adapts rocket combustion science to today’s
sophisticated engines.

Note from Inventor

Laboratory Pictures of actual fuel combustion

Normal Combustion wasting fuel with high emissions

Treated Combustion saving fuel with low emissions

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Fuel Tests
Lexus LX470 17 to 21.3 Hwy
25% Lincoln 19 to 28.7 Hwy 51%
GMC Sierra 12.4 to 15.7 City
26% Toyota Sienna 21.1 to 26.3 Hwy 24%
GMC Denali 12 to 15.6 City
26% Ford Expedition 16.6 to 20.8 Hwy 25%
Ford F-150 17.8 to 20.8 City & Hwy
16% Honda Civic Mileage increased 38%
Mercedes C320 16.6 to 20.4 City
22% Dodge Caravan MPG increased 30%
Range Rover 11 to14.5 City 31% Chevy Avalanche Miles in tank increased 380 to 505 32%
Ford Focus 36 to 51.4 Hwy
42% Kia Optima 24 to 30.6 Hwy 37%
Kia Hybrid 9.2L/100km to 7.4L/100km 19% Hyundai Hybrid 9.2L/100km to 7.2L/100km 21%
Automotive  Agency Tests Mark 1, 2, & 3 Tests
Harley Davidson Motorcycles 25% Motorcycles under 500cc 30%

Purchase Notice

The Gasoline Super Saver will work on all engines. On most engines 2006 and older, the top of the engine cowling (cover) and assembly will have to be removed to install the two Gasoline Energizers on the fuel rail(s) that feeds the injectors. It is necessary to ask your mechanic if he is willing to install them. If he says yes, then once installed, The Gasoline Super Saver will save you a lot of fuel, money and contribute to a major reduction of emissions/pollution.

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